About the Chief Editor

Shawn K. Quinn has maintained residence either inside Houston city limits or very near them for his entire life.

His hobbies and interests, both present and past, include (in no particular order) video games, dance (both participating and watching), laser tag, Renaissance festivals, computing, technology, blogging, social media, the arts (including visual art, photography, cinematography, and performing arts), current events, politics, sailing, camping, parties, and fundraising for non-profit organizations.

Shawn maintains one other blog in addition to Quinn’s Big City: Rant Roulette (the former shawnkquinn.com blog), opinion pieces on current events, technology, sports, and miscellaneous other topics. Shawn also maintained Iced Tea and Ramen, a budgeting, frugal living, and financial awareness blog but this blog is now closed to new entries. He has also relaunched shawnkquinn.com as a personal brand site.

About Quinn’s Big City

The primary goal behind Quinn’s Big City: showcase the best events of the greater Houston area.

This showcase of the best events is the main feature, called the LOVIEE (which stands for Listing Of Very Interesting/Exciting Events). There are four different LOVIEEs: monthly, weekly, special, and ongoing.

But the various LOVIEEs are not the only feature. There is also the Recap feature which tells a bit about what happened at selected events, and the On The Horizon feature which is a more in-depth look at major upcoming events which are usually further ahead than the next month.

Quinn’s Big City is many things, and among those things, it is a labor of love. I love the city of Houston and the great times it has to offer, and I defy you to find someone who loves Houston more than I do. I’m honored to be a part of it, and I hope you’ll come and join me sometime at one of the events I feature.

Great culture, great events, and great times: that’s what Quinn’s Big City is all about!

-- Shawn K. Quinn
Chief Editor, Quinn's Big City
original: 2009 August 24
 revised: 2009 December 18
 revised: 2011 January 28

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