Editorial Standards

“Editor” refers to either the Chief Editor, or future members of the editorial staff should any be invited. “Chief Editor” refers specifically to the current Chief Editor  including an acting/interim Chief Editor.

Site Scope and Inclusion of Events

  1. It is the policy of Quinn’s Big City to normally post public events held in public venues, and occasionally, events specifically for the site’s readership and community. Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis.
  2. The requirement to RSVP in advance, by itself, does not disqualify an event as a public event.
  3. The focus of Quinn’s Big City is the greater Houston area. This includes events held at locations:
    1. within the Houston city limits;
    2. within 1 mile walking distance from a METRO bus stop or rail station provided the event could be attended by utilizing METRO (i.e. the bus stop or rail station would be served at the event’s start and expected end times);
    3. in cities bordering Houston;
    4. in unincorporated areas no more than 5 miles from either a Houston city limit or a city limit of a city which borders Houston; and
    5. within up to 80 miles driving distance of the intersection of Main and Lamar or Main and McKinney in downtown Houston, decided by the Chief Editor on a case-by-case basis per event.

Weekly/Monthly/Special Edition LOVIEE

  1. Editor endeavors to post the weekly LOVIEE on or before noon Monday of the week covered, or no later than 8 hours before the first event of the week, with earlier being better within reason.
  2. Editor endeavors to post the monthly LOVIEE on or before noon on the first day of the month covered, or no later than 24 hours before the first event of the month, with earlier being better within reason.
  3. The holidays for which a special edition LOVIEE are usually posted are: July 4 (Independence Day), October 31 (Halloween), and December 31 (New Year’s Eve). Normally, these are posted no earlier than two weeks prior to the holiday and no later than one week prior to the holiday. If posted earlier, keep in mind they are subject to editing.
  4. Information about events is posted on a “best information available”. When not known, cover charge/admission fee/ticket price information is omitted; if missing, it does not necessarily mean the event is free admission/no cover/not ticketed. Even in the cases where a venue normally charges a typical cover charge/admission fee, this information is often omitted as it is subject to change without notice.


  1. Decisions on which events to post a recap for are made in advance of Editor’s event attendance or the point at which Editor is committed to attending an event.
  2. Editor endeavors to be fair, but also completely honest, in all aspects of a recap.
  3. In light of the foregoing an event may be recapped where Editor was either denied entry, asked to leave, or informed in advance that entry will be denied or Editor is otherwise unwelcome at the event. These are provided for completeness and as a consequence of the other editorial standards pertaining to recaps, even though their usefulness to some readers may be limited or even nonexistent.
  4. In the specific case of Editor being informed in advance that entry would be denied, a recap may be posted prior to the event’s listed start time. This is the only time a recap will be posted prior to the event’s listed start time.
  5. A recap where Editor was denied entry, asked to leave, etc. may be considered grounds to disqualify either the venue(s), performer(s), or promoter(s) from future publicity on Quinn’s Big City. It should be noted that it is the stance of Quinn’s Big City to be as inclusive as circumstances allow and it is hoped this particular editorial standard need never be invoked.
  6. Cancellation or rescheduling of an event only precludes the posting of a recap if it is done in advance (typically 8 to 24 hours depending on event type). It is Editor’s judgment call whether or not to recap an event canceled or rescheduled on or after its scheduled start time, or on short notice prior to its scheduled start time.


Under normal circumstances, posts are not withdrawn, retracted, or significantly edited after the fact. The decision to do any of these things is not taken lightly and with due consideration of the best interests of the readers, the community, and the site.