Event numbering

The event numbering system I use in the LOVIEEs and recaps exists for several reasons, and I’ve tried to make it as self-explanatory to those that wanted to know, yet let it fly over the heads of those who didn’t. Each event gets a number so that a recap uniquely identifies an event, user feedback can uniquely identify an event, and so questions such as “was a recap posted for event X?” can be answered with a quick site search. If you don’t want to try to understand it, you don’t have to.

The first two digits are the year number (09, 10, etc.). The next identifier usually identifies where the event was first published:

yy-Wnn-xx — Event first listed in Weekly LOVIEE for week nn (ISO week number)

yy-Mnn-xx — Event first listed in Monthly LOVIEE for month nn

yy-S-aaa-xx — Event first listed in Special Edition LOVIEE for holiday/date aaa

However, this isn’t practical for longer running events which may be mentioned in, say, March but run through May or June (usually art exhibits).

yy-aaaaa or yy/yy-aaaaa — Event longer than one week mentioned in multiple weekly and/or monthly LOVIEEs. Sometimes these are more mnemonic than others. The latter format is used when an multi-week event stretches across a year boundary (the best example: Ice at Discovery Green).

Z-xxx — Event featured in Ongoing LOVIEE. Used even if re-posted as part of a weekly or monthly LOVIEE, sometimes with an added designation to indicate a particular occurrence.