2009-08-31/09-07 Weekly LOVIEE

Note: many of these are recurring events and will be re-posted to the Ongoing LOVIEE. The info here is also subject to change because I am posting rather far in advance. I decided this was too good to just sit on until Monday. (Yeah, I’m like that sometimes.)

Monday 08-31

Glover Gill’s Tango Piano, The Continental Club, 3700 Main St, 8-9pm. No cover. Glover and his group perform traditional music of Buenos Aires, Argentina. 09-W35-0

Tuesday 09-01

Nightclub Cardio: Doors open 6pm, class runs 6:30-7:30. $10, advance registration via website required. Club Pravada, 2815 S. Shepherd. The most exciting physical fitness concept I have ever come across! Take a standard aerobics class out of the gym, drop it into a nightclub complete with DJ and light show, and you pretty much have the concept behind Nightclub Cardio. Try it once and you just might wind up being hooked. Please tell Jennifer you heard about it here! 09-X-0

Wednesday 09-02

Flavor Tripping: 6pm, $30, advance tickets (strongly recommended) and details at theberryfairy.com. Ei8ht, 5102 Washington Ave. A portion of the proceeds will benefit MD Anderson Cancer Center. Attendees get a miracle berry, which does very strange things to one’s tastebuds for the next half hour, up to two hours, followed by a banquet of food and beverages. I probably did a really lousy job of trying to explain it; the Web site goes into more detail than I ever can here. 09-W36-0

“Texas Country” Open Mic, 8:30pm-midnight, Blanco’s Bar & Grill, 3406 W. Alabama St. No cover. 09-W36-1

Thursday 09-03

The Coffee Groundz is hosting its weekly Open Mic Night from 7pm-10pm. 2503 Bagby. 09-X-1

Nightclub Cardio: see above. The Thursday night classes are a relatively recent addition (mid-August).

The Contemporary Arts Museum of Houston is hosting a reception to celebrate the opening of Amber Eagle’s mini-exhibition in Gallery One Three Seven (a 1.37 square foot gallery by Sharon Englestein). 5216 Montrose Blvd., 6:30-8:30pm. 09-W36-6

Friday 09-04

Technology Bytes Geek Gathering at The Coffee Groundz, 2503 Bagby, 7:30pm until ?. Meet, greet, and hang out with your fellow geeks. 09-W36-2

Sunday 09-06

Live It Big Festival, at four bars along the Washington Corridor. 3-6pm, $40, wristband grants access to drink specials and private tastings. Proceeds benefit Friday Harbour a new charity which helps caregivers for cancer patients with provisional lodging options. 09-W36-3

Sundays in the Park, Discovery Green, 1500 McKinney. 3-5pm. This week the featured band is Spain Colored Orange: “…a wicked combination of pop, psychedelia, jazz” –Houston Chronicle. 09-W36-4

Monday 09-07

Glover Gill’s Tango Piano, The Continental Club, 3700 Main St. See above. 09-W36-5


Welcome aboard!

Welcome to everyone checking out my new blog. Currently we are in a “soft launch” status similar to a “beta test.” That means I’m still working on getting a few things set up but I am now at the point where I feel comfortable putting something up to the world besides the “coming soon” page.

There’s a more formal introduction of me and exactly what this blog is about on the about page.

The “meat” of this blog and the main reason for its existence are the LOVIEE posts. LOVIEE stands for Listing Of Very Interesting/Exciting Events. I chose the name because I show my love for the city every time I post one. I also have a thing for cool acronyms. (Who doesn’t?)

The basic format of this blog will be anywhere from 5 to 10 (maybe more) posts per month:

  • One monthly LOVIEE posted within the last week of each month, for the month following (for September’s and maybe October’s monthly LOVIEEs this may be slightly amended) — color coded green
  • One weekly LOVIEE posted no later than Monday of each week (usually on Monday in the late morning to early afternoon) for the following Tuesday through Monday — color coded pink
  • During holiday weeks or for events announced with short notice, the weekly LOVIEEs may be supplemented by special edition LOVIEEs — color coded blue
  • Recaps of selected events
  • Miscellaneous administrative items

What makes this different from any similar event listings out there, is the participation of you, the readers. If you have a particularly great or particularly lousy time at an event, it’s up to you to fill out the contact form and let me know about it. Each event will have a unique identifier code (something like 09-W35-1 or 09-M08-2) to make it easy for both of us to identify the exact event in question.

There will also be a list of ongoing events that recur weekly. I will post periodic reminders as part of the LOVIEEs to check this list.

More details will follow and/or be posted to the information pages.