The end, a new beginning, and other stuff

It’s been over a year since my last update here. I haven’t completely forgotten about the site, just haven’t been able to find the time to keep it updated. I’m not going to do what a certain other blogger has done, namely blow away the archives and relaunch. I intend to preserve the archives whether here or elsewhere, and if the latter is the case, I will keep the domain alive long enough to effect an orderly transition to wherever the eventual placement of the archives may be.

The Twitter account and Facebook pages may be a different story, though. I had tried to log back into the @quinnsbigcity Twitter account. I never changed the password, so I figured I would have no issues. Twitter had other ideas: they wanted to email me a new password… to an email address which has been dead for some time, and which I either cannot reactivate or would have to jump through significant hoops to do so.

The Facebook page is still there, but Facebook has this nasty habit of re-labeling them as “community pages” if not kept up. Worse, the plugin I was using to make posts seems to not want to re-connect to either Facebook or Twitter.

That and some other things I’d rather not go into mean the best way forward would be to rebrand and relaunch. So this will in all likelihood be the final post at Quinn’s Big City, but I am hoping it is not my final post as a local events blogger.

I’m not going to spill my entire strategy here, but the basic tenets go as follows:

  1. New name (obviously). I have a while to think of something catchy.
  2. New theme. Maybe I can hammer something useful out of the existing theme, or maybe I should do a completely new one. It’s still up in the air. The LOVIEEs will get a rename and rebrand too. I’m going to keep the designs I did, and whatever versions of the WordPress themes I saved, as an example of what I can do. The archives will probably be served up with the theme you’re looking at right now.
  3. “Less Quinn, more city.” While I think I made a noble effort, what I really wanted to get out of the site is too much work for me to do alone with little to no promise of return on investment. I’d really like to do this as part of a small group of three or four people (maybe five, tops) and we take turns making the event lists, going to selected events and writing recaps, and sharing whatever profits become of it. The question is who those other two or three (or maybe four) people are.

Public comments can be made here; if it is a private comment it can be sent via the existing contact form on the site.

To those who gave it, thanks for your support.