Going on hiatus

Effective immediately, I am placing this blog on hiatus. I don’t want to say for exactly how long, because I’m not sure how long; the circumstances which made this necessary are unlikely to change for at least another month.

I will leave the archives up in the interim, but will not be adding any new updates. I do intend to resume this blog at some point, so I will also be leaving the Facebook page and Twitter account active.

My reasons for doing this are multiple and varied, but the reasons have this in common: personal circumstances which make it awkward, uncomfortable, and of dubious appropriateness for me to continue to update this blog.

This was not an easy decision. I have posted thirty-six weekly LOVIEEs, nine monthly LOVIEEs, three special edition LOVIEEs, and eleven recaps. That’s a lot. I’m sorry if my remaining loyal readers out there feel I’m hanging you out to dry. I’m not; if you’re looking for stuff to do, there’s Do713.com, which is having a launch party this Saturday at Caroline Collective (4820 Caroline).


2010-05-03/09 Weekly LOVIEE

Lots of great stuff going on this week. Dance, art cars, theater, and music: four great reasons to love Houston.

Continuing this week

Man From Nebraska, Stages Reportory Theater, 3201 Allen Pkwy., Wed-Thu 7:30pm, Fri-Sat 8pm, Sun 3pm, $26-$36. Nebraska is a story of a man who wakes up one day and realizes he no longer believes in God, and the resultant rediscovery of his spirituality. 10-NEBRASKA

Thursday 05-06 through Saturday 05-08

Mixed Rep, Hobby Center (Zilkha Hall), 7:30pm, $24.25-$81.25. The final performance of the season from Dominic Walsh Dance Theater features a smorgasbord of contemporary ballet: a revival of Mauro Bigonzetti’s Pression; Matthew Bourne’s White Swan duet from Swan Lake; and Walsh’s own I Napoletani. 10-M05-2

Friday 05-07

Skyrocket, Continental Club, 3700 Main, $12. Molly and the Ringwalds (80s cover band) open at 7pm with Skyrocket (70s/80s cover band from Austin) at 10pm. 10-W18-1

Saturday 05-08

Orange Show Art Car Parade, Sam Houston Park, 1pm. The annual showcase of artwork on wheels rides yet again. 10-M05-3