2011-03-07/13 Weekly LOVIEE

Spring has sprung, and with it a bumper crop of events. I’ll probably add a couple more later tonight; I realize I’m a bit short.

Continuing This Week

Bobbindoctrin’s 7th Annual Puppet Festival, Midtown Art Center, 3414 La Branch, $15 for Mon, Fri, Sat 8pm shows, “Fambly Day” pay-what-you-will Sun 4pm. Live puppet shows by local puppeteers in addition to the showing of short puppet films distributed by Heather Henson’s Handmade Puppet Dreams. Reservations strongly recommended. 11-PUPPETS

Snowman Poker League hosts free Texas Hold’em poker tournaments at bars and pubs across the greater Houston area. Featured games this week: BB Wolf’s, 12220 Murphy Rd. (Stafford), Tue/Thu 7pm & 10pm; Fox & Hound North, 19189 Interstate 45 (Shenandoah), Mon 7pm & 10pm. Z-SMP

Tuesday 03-08

The Mighty Orq, McGonigel’s Mucky Duck, 2425 Norfolk, 7:30pm, $20. 11-M03-3

Friday 03-11

Elizabeth Cook, McGonigel’s Mucky Duck, 2425 Norfolk, 7:30pm, $20. Grand Ole Opry regular based in Wildwood, Florida, on tour in Texas. 11-M03-4

Fiel, Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe, 413 20th St. (Galveston), time not listed. As they claim on their MySpace site: “For those that require labels, you could call
it World. It’s what Willie Nelson might have sounded like had he grown up after Bob Marley, Reaganomics, and The Clash.” 11-W10-1

Saturday 03-12

Spring Forward Houston Music Festival, Groundhall and Echo @ Jet Lounge, 1515 Pease St, 2pm-2am, $10 (advance)/$15 (day of show), advance tickets available online. 11-M03-5


OTH: Stick ‘Em Up Exclusive Debut

You may have heard about Stick ‘Em Up. For those who haven’t, it’s a documentary about an inner city art form called wheatpasting, which is both profoundly provocative and profoundly misunderstood. Stick ‘Em Up features commentary showcasing the points of view of both street artists and local law enforcement officials.

It’s been talked about a lot, and now the date, time, and location for the movie’s much-anticipated debut have been set: Thursday, April 7, 7pm, at the historic River Oaks Theater. Seating is limited to 500 seats, and will feature two notable pre-screening events: an art show of pieces by the artists featured in the film, and live wheatpasting and screenprinting demonstrations.

The showing is hosted by Aurora Picture Show, The Black Sheep Agency, Aerosol Warfare, and of course Shoot Edit Sleep. Tickets are on sale at the Aurora Picture Show website now for non-members; if you are an APS member admission is free but you must RSVP.

It is expected that the screening will sell out in advance. That is the main reason I’m not waiting until the next monthly LOVIEE to announce this. In light of this, please do not wait to buy your ticket (or RSVP) if you are interested in attending.

Update (2011-03-09): This is sold out.

Update (2001-04-07): A second screening was added at 9:30pm, which has since sold out, but just this morning a third screening was added at 10:30pm. This third session will not have a Q&A.