2009-10-24 Special Edition LOVIEE (Halloween)

Okay, I changed my mind, yet again. Since there are relatively few Halloween events scheduled for the 24th (in fact, I thought I had more than this but could just find the one for now) I am going to go ahead and split those out into this post here, with the majority of the public Halloween parties/events in another post, hopefully prior to Monday. I’m running behind schedule with some personal and professional issues that need my more immediate attention.

This post may be updated with others I find out about later in the day/tomorrow.

Saturday 10-24

Natural Bawdy Costume Party at Third Coast Comedy Theater, 2317 W. 34th, 8pm, $20. Tickets must be purchased in advance. Party benefits Cherish Our Children International (COCI). 09-S-AHE-1