Recap: CAF The Lost World + Dengue Fever @ Warehouse Live ((part of) 09-M11-2)

I don’t bother posting a recap unless it’s of substance. However, just this once, I’m offering the one line summary for those who want it: holy cow, this was a great time! Of course there’s a lot more to it than that.

I’m quite unfamiliar with early cinema and was specifically unfamiliar with The Lost World; in fact, this was my first time seeing it. And I’ll be honest, seeing this true masterpiece of the silent movie era did give me pause for thought about the lost art of silent films. I’m not going to spoil the ending in case someone out there has not seen the film before, but I will say it is definitely a surprise worth staying until the end for.

As it happens, this was also my first time setting foot inside Warehouse Live. I was a regular guest at Lucky’s next door back when they had poker games on Tuesday nights (summer to fall 2008), but never seemed to make it to the various shows at Warehouse Live either during or after that time. Until now.

The screening was, if I remember correctly, the 1998 George Eastman House restoration, with a 100 minute running time according to the above-linked IMDb entry. It’s tinted in different colors for some scenes, an effect that makes otherwise bland black-and-white film much more interesting and absorbing. Not to say one could ever fairly call The Lost World bland.

To fill in the silence and add dramatic effect, Dengue Fever played a special set timed to the action of the movie. The absorbing and hypnotic melodies from this six-member Cambodian music powerhouse fit very well with the screenplay. In fact, the music alone was Dengue Fever at their best, judging by the standing ovation at the end. It was unfortunate that I was not in a position to buy the band’s albums on CD; I will definitely snap them up at a later date.

I’ll say it again, once more: holy cow, this was a great time!