2010-02-15/21 Weekly LOVIEE

This week’s post is a bit late, I know. No, you’re not missing much tonight, except maybe Valentine’s Day clearance sales, and I don’t post things like that.

I had mentioned an announcement coming down the pipe, I know some of you are probably looking for it, that will probably come tomorrow morning now as some of the things have changed. For now: expect next week’s LOVIEE and the monthly LOVIEEs to follow to be closer to what I was posting in October and November (pre-Thanksgiving), and for this blog in general to return to what it was supposed to be in the beginning, with a few changes to reflect my experience, and a surprise.

Tuesday 02-16

Krewe Du Blue Mardi Gras Party, House of Blues, 1204 Caroline, doors 6pm, show 7pm, $20-35. Featuring Cowboy Mouth, a New Orleans-based rock-and-roll powerhouse in the vein of Nickelback and Creed but a bit more modern. 10-W07-1

Thursday 02-18

Mitch Jacobs Band, Blanco’s, 3406 W. Alabama, no time listed. Up-and-coming local country & western band, well worth checking out. 10-W07-2

Friday 02-19

Suburban Warfare, Fitzgerald’s, 2706 White Oak, 8pm, $10. Also featuring The Distracted and The Colored Bandanas. 10-W07-3

Saturday 02-20

Black Queen Speaks, Rudyard’s, 2010 Waugh, 9pm, $7. Hard rock/metal in the vein of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. 10-W07-4