Going on hiatus

Effective immediately, I am placing this blog on hiatus. I don’t want to say for exactly how long, because I’m not sure how long; the circumstances which made this necessary are unlikely to change for at least another month.

I will leave the archives up in the interim, but will not be adding any new updates. I do intend to resume this blog at some point, so I will also be leaving the Facebook page and Twitter account active.

My reasons for doing this are multiple and varied, but the reasons have this in common: personal circumstances which make it awkward, uncomfortable, and of dubious appropriateness for me to continue to update this blog.

This was not an easy decision. I have posted thirty-six weekly LOVIEEs, nine monthly LOVIEEs, three special edition LOVIEEs, and eleven recaps. That’s a lot. I’m sorry if my remaining loyal readers out there feel I’m hanging you out to dry. I’m not; if you’re looking for stuff to do, there’s Do713.com, which is having a launch party this Saturday at Caroline Collective (4820 Caroline).

3 comments to “Going on hiatus”

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  2. mrbravo2000 says:

    wow, well, i hope everything works out for you… sucks really, but get it right…

  3. Thanks for the support. Things will work out for me and this blog will be back to the form it was during its first few months. It's just a question of when.

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