2010-07-26/08-01 Weekly LOVIEE

While this is rather late in the week (I try to get these up by Wednesday morning at the latest), there’s still plenty of things to do this week, including two art exhibition openings and a concert.

My apologies to anyone who looked for the posting earlier in the week and didn’t find it. I endeavor for punctual postings and it is unfortunate that I feel short.


ArtHouston, numerous local art galleries (see website for details), all day, free admission. Exhibitions include a wide range of work including abstract paintings, mixed media, sculptures, photography, and collage. Exhibitions continue through August 31. 10-ARTHOUSTON

The Big Show, Lawndale Art Center, 4912 Main Street. Show continues through August 7. 10-LACBIG

Opening Thursday 07-29

If We Only Knew Now What They Know Then, Houston Arts Alliance space125gallery, 3201 Allen Parkway, 5:30pm. Featuring Melanie Crader‘s work Take Away Project, exploring fashion, gender, identity, and social class; and sculptures by Katy Heinlein. 10-IFWEONLY / 10-W30-1

Opening Friday 07-30

SUSY: Collaborative Supercollision of Elusive Particles, The Houston Foundry, 1712 Burnett St., 8-10pm. Inspired by the concept of supersymmetry, where sound works and performances will be shown simultaneously during the reception. Includes work from the following artists: Michael Brims, Aisen Caro Chacin, Daniel Adame, Lance Higdon, Jon Read, Amy Aderhold, Rachel Toomb, Emily Sloan, David Graeve. 10-SUSY / 10-W30-2

Saturday 07-31

Blaggards with Come See My Dead Person, Continental Club, 9pm, $10. Houston’s own legends of “Stout Irish rock” are at it again. 10-W30-3