The state of the blog, 2010 August

It’s been a while since I’ve made just a straight up commentary post like this. I try to keep this blog rant-free, since I already have a blog for that.

I’d like to welcome all the new readers, and welcome back any of the former readers. It’s a spectacular time to start or rejoin the following of my little blog; it’s not every day one of my posts gets mentioned on a prominent blog such as the Houston Museum of Natural Science. I hope as many of you stick around and see just what I have going here.

I’ve been less punctual with the weekly and monthly LOVIEEs (for the new people, that stands for: List Of Very Interesting & Exciting Events) than I endeavor to be. I’m going to try to get back to a schedule where I post them earlier in the week, since there are a few Tuesday and Wednesday night events I’d rather not miss mentioning.

I’m also trying to get a feel for a good target quantity; traditionally I’ve aimed for about eight events on a weekly LOVIEE, and six on a monthly LOVIEE. The last few, especially the weekly LOVIEEs since the resumption from hiatus, have been lower than that. Maybe I need to aim to include more, not fewer, events.

I’m definitely going to do as many recaps as I can from now on. We’re coming up on the first anniversary of the wide launch (that’s the week of October 5, about seven weeks away). As much as I’d like to throw a huge block party with an open bar to celebrate, I doubt that will be in the budget. Nevertheless, I do want to mark the occasion with some kind of festivities. If you have suggestions, I’m all ears; either comment on this post or email me.

最后,我想延长特别欢迎来自中国我的读者。请给我来休斯顿访问的某个时候,并检查了我们美好的城市。 (And finally, I’d like to extend a particular welcome to my readers from China. Please, do come visit Houston sometime and check out our wonderful city.)