State of the blog, 2010 fall

Originally I had planned to have the monthly LOVIEE posted by now as well as a long overdue recap of an event that now happened over a month ago. Both are going to be delayed a bit, the latter probably much less than the former of course. And it’s a reason I don’t like calling attention to, but it kind of strikes at the core of what this blog was originally supposed to be about. Worse, this may have been a problem obscured by a statistical anomaly I have yet to figure out the cause of, which I’ll try to explain.

When I first began publishing to my regular schedule about a year ago, my traffic levels were much higher compared to where they were today. There have been a few days recently where my schedule combined with the days on which I would usually get visitors means that it’s doubtful anyone saw the weekly LOVIEE in time to make much of a difference. For several weeks, I have been getting blasted with an obviously anomalous quantity of visits from (mostly) mainland China. This finally cut out and now I could see a clean graph again. I knew my numbers had been falling a bit but I thought I had at least retained most of my traffic.

The weekends are even more hectic for me right now due to reasons I don’t want to get into. As much as I hate to celebrate the first anniversary of the wide launch (October 5) by sending the blog into at least a brief hiatus yet again, circumstances leave me little choice. I’m not sure how long this hiatus will last; it will be long enough for me to refocus and possibly organize a re-launch effort. If you want to help with that, drop me a line.

I know that the downtime didn’t help. Remember, the Facebook page and Twitter feed will stay up even if the blog itself is not. Those will usually have the reason for the downtime posted, as well as notice of every post to the blog, and sometimes upcoming events I learn about at the last minute or planned to post with the weekly/monthly LOVIEE and find that it will not make it up in time to be useful (usually that means at least 4 hours or so before the event).

Those that are still out there, I’m all ears for feedback. Where’d I go wrong? And no, before anyone even gets into that… I am not now, nor was I ever trying to be, her. I do my blog my way, and other bloggers do their blog their own way. I have no control over whether other similar blogs shut down after seeing mine, so please do not try to feed me the blame for that. That’s out of my hands.

The only reason I’m going on hiatus yet again is because I care about what I do. I’d rather take a full break from something than keep doing it half-baked and putting my name on it. My name is better than that, despite attempts to muddy it by certain people, and this blog is still in some respects my pride and joy.