Recap: Runaway Sun at Discovery Green (10-W45-5)

You may be a bit surprised that I’m doing a recap of this, especially since it’s an event I slapped onto the weekly LOVIEE at the last minute, which in itself is something I don’t usually do. I’ll start this recap with the drive down to the park, which is probably the most interesting part.

So it’s about 2:15pm and I’m leaving from the Willowbrook area. It’s a bit nippy out and there is noticeable cloud cover, but I don’t really think much of it. The drive down State Highway 249, and then the Sam Houston Tollway, prove rather uneventful and rather dry. As I get nearer downtown, still worried I’m going to make the 3pm start time of the show, I’m starting to wonder if it was a bad move not to pack my umbrella.

I arrive very shortly before 3pm (I think it was 2:55pm or so), only to see two of the band members carrying drums away from the stage. I can infer the show is at minimum, not starting at 3pm, and indeed one of the guys (sorry, I completely forgot who) told me it was indeed cancelled.

However, I later learn from Andrew Karnavas two important things. One, that it was the park management’s call as it is their sound board equipment that is at risk should it start to rain. I can understand and appreciate not wanting to play Russian roulette with possible rain and expensive sound equipment, even though it wound up not raining while I was there. Two, that the show will be rescheduled for 2011 February or March.

But if, like me, you haven’t gotten your Runaway Sun fix in a while, you will not have to wait that long (unless you really want to), as they are playing this Sunday at Via Colori at 1:15pm on the Reliant Energy Via Musica Stage. I’ll be there, and I hope you can join me.