2010-11-22/28 Weekly LOVIEE

It’s that time of year again. Turkey, parades, football, and the official start of the holiday shopping season on Black Friday. I added a few concerts to fill out the week; I’m sorry if anyone feels I came up short. Some weeks may be sparser than others as I am in the middle of moving in addition to my paid work. I will do the best I can; it is my intent to keep this blog going and that has not changed. I appreciate constructive feedback; heck, even if you flame me I know you’re still out there reading.

Thursday 11-25

HEB Holiday Parade, downtown (see website for exact parade route), 9am, free on-street viewing or $12/$19+fees for reserved seating. See the recap of last year’s event. 10-M11-5

“Thankstaking,”  Fitzgerald’s, 2706 White Oak, free for 21+/$5 for under 21, doors 7:30pm. Featuring Tyagaraja, The Manichean, Hilary Sloan, I Am Mesmer, Elaine Greer, Chase Hamblin. 10-W47-1

Beginning Thursday 11-25

The Ice At Discovery Green, $10+tax including skate rental per person, see website for hours and details. Back again for the 2010-11 winter, an outdoor ice rink in Houston! The model boat basin portion of Kinder Lake (the part directly behind the Anheuser-Busch stage) will be frozen over using renewable energy and transformed into an ice skating rink. Great if you miss outdoor ice skating in your northern US or Canadian hometown, or if you just don’t feel like battling Galleria traffic to go ice skating. 10/11-IADG

Friday 11-26

Punk/Thrash Show, Fitzgerald’s, 2706 White Oak, free for 21+/$8 for under 21, doors 7:30pm. Featuring Venomous Maximus, Hell City Kings, Bexar County Bastards, Omotai, Ghost Town Electric, American Heist. 10-W47-2

Saturday 11-27

The Posies/Brendon Benson/Aqueduct, Groundhall, 1515 Pease, (doors?) 7pm, $20. 10-W47-3

Sunday 11-28

Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights, Walter’s On Washington, 4215 Washington, time and cover not listed. 10-W47-4