OTH: Canned Acoustica Turns One (11-M12-6)

This is less of an “on the horizon” event (usually this feature is for events a month or more away) as a “we’re about to run into it” event (next week). I had planned to get this up last week at the latest. So I’m bending “the rules” a bit as I wanted to make sure everyone who regularly follows the blog knows this is happening.

As hard as it is to believe it has been a full year since the very first Canned Acoustica at Warehouse Live, it has been. This upcoming show next Thursday marks the fifth installment in the long running series. The price of admission this time around is four cans of non-perishable food items for the Houston Food Bank, who has made a list of their most needed items avaiable. The star-studded lineup features the following acts (links are to official website except as noted):

Doors will open at 7pm. You may RSVP if you like on the Facebook event page (some of the past Canned Acoustica events, particularly the first, have had the set times posted there, but some have not). If you don’t know how to get to Warehouse Live, it’s at 813 St. Emanuel, which is between Rusk and Walker (take Rusk to St. Emanuel and turn right if you’re coming from downtown). See you there!

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