2012-07-23/09-02 Monthly LOVIEE

As summer winds down, the fall arts seasons will be starting up. This month features a couple of plays (one of which was also featured last month), a couple of music acts, and some other miscellany to round out the lineup. And there may still be some late additions for early September.

Starting September 3 I will be returning to the intended format of monthly LOVIEE covering approximately a calendar month, either four or five weeks depending on where the weekends fall in that month. It’s slightly more work with the event numbering scheme I am using, but I am considering letting that go the way of the dodo in preparation for some major changes to be made in 2013. (Yes, I believe the Mayans were wrong.)

Continuing Through Saturday 08-25

Tamarie Cooper’s Doomsday Revue presented by Catastrophic Theatre, DiverseWorks, 1117 East Freeway, all shows Wed-Sat 8pm, pay-what-you-can. As described by the company’s website: “Tamarie Cooper’s DOOMSDAY REVUE (The Greatest Musical Ever!) is a celebration of our imminent destruction. From apocalyptic predictions, adolescent embarrassment, zombies, pestilence, and famine to global warming, astronomical catastrophes, technological collapse, and the Barbie Sex Boat – no one is safe from whatever comes next. So grab your bug out bag and prepare for the best.” This play is for mature audiences. 12-DOOMSDAY

Friday 07-27

Sigur Rós: INNI, Aurora Picture Show, 2442 Bartlett, 7pm, $15 ($10 for members). From the website: “Aurora Picture Show and QFest partner on the Houston premiere of INNI, the visually breathtaking experimental documentary about Iceland´s incomparable and influential rock band, Sigur Rós.” Two Star Symphony will be performing prior to the screening. 12-M07-5

Sunday 07-29

Afternoon Tea with Lisa Chow and Y.E. Torres, Spacetaker Gallery at Fresh Arts, 2101 Winter St, 2-5pm. Part of the receptions for the exhibit “Once there was, once there wasn’t: Two tales from the minds of Lisa Chow & Y. E. Torres.” 12-M07-6

Wednesday 08-01

A Birthday Celebration: The Grateful Dead Movie Event, many local theaters (check listings), 7pm. From the website: “In celebration of Jerry Garcia’s 70th birthday, NCM Fathom Events brings ‘The Grateful Dead Movie’ back to select movie theaters nationwide for a special one night event on Wednesday, August 1 at 7:00 PM (local time).” 12-M08-1

Saturday 08-04

Crank Case/Three33/Low Man’s Joe/Vessels, Acadia, 3939 FM 1960 W, 10pm. If you missed Low Man’s Joe last month, here’s another chance to catch them live. 12-M08-2

Thursdays Through Saturdays 08-09 Through 08-18

Museum of Dysfunction V, Spring Street Studios, 1824 Spring Street, 8pm, pay-as-you-can. From the webpage: “Mildred’s Umbrella Theater Company presents Museum of Dysfunction V: a SHOWCASE OF SHORTS written by new writers from all over the world and directed and produced by the talented members of Mildred’s Umbrella Theater Company and some of our friends! We have chosen the best of the best from over 200 submissions this year! Playwrights include writers from all over the US. There are two different weekends, each with a completely different set of plays, so you can come twice and see two different shows! Some adult situations and language is present in these shows, so we recommend that you consider this PG 13.” Saturday afternoons will feature a matinee for younger audiences at 2pm, a play currently known as “Critter Wisdom”, previously known as “The Scarecrow and the Sparrow” and “What I See”. 12-MUTMOD

Saturday 08-11

Graffiti Cathedral (CD Release)/The Lonely Hunter/Kollin Baer, Continental Club, 3700 Main, $10, tickets available online, 21+ only. Graffiti Cathedral is a local folk/Americana/alt-country band led by Blake Flattley who is originally from California; his previous musical projects included The Orange Effect. 12-M08-3

Saturday 08-25

Folk Family Revival/Shellee Coley, Main Street Crossing, 111 W Main Street (Tomball), doors 6pm, show 7:30pm, $15, all ages. 12-M08-4