Brief notes about the state of the site

Some time ago, I had plans to expand the role of this site into more of a community/social site as opposed to merely a standalone blog. I installed BuddyPress and made the requisite changes to the custom theme.

Fast forward to a few days or weeks ago, and some %*$$&#@ decided to start making 20+ fake spam accounts. Per day. Honestly, right now that’s the least of my problems. The quickest fix for the moment is to disable BuddyPress and the community features, which honestly weren’t seeing much use anyway. Depending on what happens in the next couple of months, they will most likely remain disabled for the remaining lifetime of this site (and how long that is, I cannot say for sure right now).

I do plan to remain and/or re-establish myself as an active blogger for the local arts and events scene, and hopefully the state of the blog (which I’m quite unhappy about, by the way) will change in early 2013.